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Choosing the Right Hyperbaric Chamber Supplier – The Questions You Should Ask

Choosing the right hyperbaric chamber for you begins with finding the right supplier.

A friendly, knowledgeable and experienced supplier will listen to your requirements and explain how the right chamber can meet them.

But how do you know which supplier to choose? Here we’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask before committing to any supplier.

If they can answer all these questions satisfactorily, then you can be confident in their ability to guide you.

Where are your chambers manufactured?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with overseas manufactures.

However, a supplier who manufactures and sources its chambers in the USA will be able to offer faster support and have quicker access to competitively priced spare parts should the need arise.

Surprisingly few suppliers manufacture in the USA, so it’s worth checking that there is a fully staffed USA office to support you and your needs, as this reflects a commitment to ongoing support and service.

Are your products built to military standards?

Although you will not be subjecting your hyperbaric chamber to military-style use, that doesn’t mean you don’t want the peace of mind that comes from knowing it could handle it.
Military grade components mean fewer mechanical failures and a longer life for your chamber.

How good is your safety record?

For example, OxyHealth chambers are built to withstand pressures far exceeding the stresses that clients will ever use them to and have a 100% safety record. OxyHealth is also the only company in the USA that holds a PVHO license.

Do you have a medical support team?

Getting the most out of your hyperbaric chamber means understanding exactly how to use it to meet your needs.

A good supplier will have a medical support team of experts on hand to help you understand how to combine the session time, pressurization and oxygen delivery (the three main variables in any hyperbaric chamber) to achieve your goals.

Can I try before I buy?

Before committing to purchasing a hyperbaric chamber for yourself or your family, it’s worth spending some time making sure you’re 100% satisfied that the chamber will do what you want it to do.

A good chamber supplier will offer a pre-purchase rental system which lets you rent the chamber for a period of time.

Look for a rental program that allows you to credit 100% of all payments made against the purchase.

How quickly can you deliver?

It’s not uncommon for hyperbaric chambers (especially those manufactured overseas) to take 2-3 weeks to be delivered, so be sure to check that your supplier can arrange delivery when you need it.

Four to five working days should be the shipping time for US-made models.

How long is the warranty?

A one year warranty will give you some peace of mind and spare you unnecessary expense if anything should go wrong in the early days.

Do your chambers support Targeted Hyperbaric Therapy?

Targeted Hyperbaric Therapy (combining oxygen and light therapy) can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, and help to concentrate its effects where you need it most.

Combining LED-based Low Level Light Therapy with cutting edge hyperbaric therapy offers you the fastest and most reliable results, so if your supplier can’t offer this feature, you could be missing out on an important element.

You can read more on Targeted Hyperbaric Therapy here.

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