Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can Improve Surgical Procedures

Hypoxia is the name given to low oxygen levels, and affects the response and recovery after surgery. This is why some people recover quickly, and others see complications like infection, which can even lead to more costly procedures like amputation.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective at reducing hypoxia and can have a dramatic effect on how quickly you recover, as well as limiting the chances of infections and the need for further surgery.

Even plastic surgeons are recommending HBOT as a way for their patients to recover quickly after surgeries. This allows for safer surgical procedures, less down time and less accounts of hospitalization.

Many plastic surgeons are now recognizing the benefits of HBOT in their discipline and referring for HBOT post-op. This is making for better and safer surgical procedures, along with less down time and hospitalization.

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About the Author

Dr. Zayd Ratansi, ND
Dr. Zayd Ratansi is a licensed Naturopathic Physician with advanced certifications in hyperbaric medicine, bio-oxidative medicine, low level light therapy, chelation therapy and environmental medicine. He specializes in the treatment of brain injuries and other neurological conditions using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
Dr. Ratansi has worked with hyperbaric therapy for over 18 years and is widely regarded as a world authority on hyperbaric therapy, and more recently targeted hyperbaric therapy. He lectures worldwide on the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for neurological conditions and has played a leading role in implementing protocols on the use of hyperbaric therapy in the mainstream medical setting.
His passion is to share scientific information on hyperbaric therapy to give the public greater empowerment to make their own choices on whether or not hyperbaric therapy would be appropriate for them, while also helping to facilitate the safest access to hyperbaric therapy to gain the most therapeutic benefit.