Welcome to Hyperbaric World Services

Hyperbarics have become more widely accepted and understood in recent years, and for these reasons demand is at an all-time high as people search for ways to enjoy a better quality of life.

Whether it be coping with illness or the ageing process, sports, fitness, injuries or general health and vitality, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is proving its place as a real choice in our 21st century world.

Hyperbaric World Services brings together leading experts in the field of hyperbarics to provide you with the information, support and training to confirm whether hyperbaric therapy could benefit you, and if so, the right chamber and support to fit your needs.

We do not represent one manufacturer, distributor or sales company, instead we offer you independent and impartial advice to help you make an informed decision on:

  1. Whether HBOT is right for you
  2. Which chamber at the right price is right for you
  3. The latest research supporting an enhanced hyperbaric treatment to give you the quickest and best results.

So whether you are looking into using HBOT for the first time for personal use, starting or adding to your existing business or wanting to get some training and support, we can help.

Some of the benefits and support you can expect with Hyperbaric World Services

  • Not representing one specific company, we are able to recommend the right chamber at the right price for your specific needs.
  • Our Hyperbaric Doctors offer you a free consultation to find out it HBOT is right for you.
  • Your questions answered
  • We can source from worldwide suppliers of Hyperbaric Chambers including manufacturers in the USA
  • Full UK based support team for Medical, Marketing and training
  • We simplify the choices and offer you the relevant package to fulfil your needs in business and home
  • We work with Trusted Partners – who supply hyperbaric chambers to the Military
  • Business and Marketing support with a choice of onsite and offsite training
  • Download Free reports and the latest developments in Hyperbarics
  • Discounted rates at hyperbaric centres across the World as well as Rental and Financing options
  • Fast Delivery across the world

Considering buying a Hyperbaric Chamber? You can download one of our valuable Free Buyers Guides here.